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This is my "play" site where I post various things and practice with different web page templates.

This web template contains 17 pages, including a Newsletter template page.  Instructions on how to use the web template and theme are included in the topics covered within these pages.  This template also includes an external cascading style sheet to control cell backgrounds, line spacing, fonts, and link colors.

RTB has also added extra graphics for buttons and accents (plus "blank" images to which you can add your own site and/or company name) and a whole host of other useful features.

Where to Start:

Preview this web in a browser and read through the pages before changing the content.  Each page contains specific information to help you work with the web template.  RTB also supplies numerous tips, hints, and instructions.

Next, look through the pages in this web template and decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to delete.  Please note that you can rename pages instead of deleting them and creating a new one.  For example, you will probably want to delete the "Read Me" page.  After getting a good idea of what you want the navigation structure to look like, go through the process or organizing and changing the navigation view.  (Learn more....)

Finally, change the content on your pages and publish your web.

Special News:

What's New...

Templates include an external style sheet in addition to the theme.  The style sheet allows more control over how your page looks with regards to font sizes, line spacing, cell padding and more.


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